Why You Should Use a Oregon Accident Attorney

    When you've been involved in an accident, and an insurance company contacts you to get the crash and injury details and promises a fast settlement, you may be tempted to settle your claim quickly by yourself. This is usually a huge mistake! Insurance companies are in business to make a profit; their main incentive is to settle each claim for as little as possible, and as quickly as possible. Settling your Oregon injury claim too quickly benefits them most, not you. If you have been injured in a Oregon truck or car accident, the full extent and cost of your injuries might not be readily at first. Many vehicle accident victims make the mistake of accepting a quick "low-ball" settlement offer, then find out later that they will miss more work, have extensive medical bills, or their treatment costs and vehicle damages are worst than they originally thought. These settlement amounts are usually much less than the same case would have gotten if they had just had an Oregon injury attorney involved.

    The average settlement payout for Oregon accident cases that involve an attorney is more than twice what it is when claimants represent themselves. Best of all, the legal fees for the attorney are paid out from the insurance company; resulting in more money left over for the victim even after the attorney is compensated in a settlement agreement. Professional representation from an attorney results in higher awards and settlement amounts, more efficient medical claim representation, less hassle and paperwork with insurance companies, and protection of your legal rights and health. If you want the best outcome from your Oregon car wreck claim, be sure to consult an Oregon injury attorney before you sign anything given to you by any insurance company.

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